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The team aims to meet the needs of people who are struggling to manage within their home because of illness or disability and to facilitate and signpost as appropriate.  

Aids and Adaptations Team

The following teams provide help, advice, information and training to promote independence, social inclusion and access to life opportunities.

Moving and Handling Team

The Moving and Handling Team provide assessment for beds and hoisting equipment to facilitate hospital discharge, reduce care needs and support the provision of care in the community.

They support care management to determine accurate commissioning hours when a complex handling need has been identified.

They jointly assess with nursing staff, physiotherapy, Social Workers and Occupational Therapists, people in complex and challenging situations. Working with individuals who have identified learning & physical disability, dementia & Alzheimer's, or are elderly, frail and palliative. They also support transitions from children's services to adult social care.

The team also provide training for people who reside within the borough. During the last year, the team have trained 240 people, and certificated a further 450 formal carers.


Occupational Therapy Team 

Occupational Therapists assess people with more complex needs to establish how their health or disability issues affect their ability to manage everyday tasks

The team provide statutory complex assessments for aids and major adaptations.

In order to ensure the best outcome for citizens they also work with other social care and health professionals and refer to various other teams and agencies as appropriate. For example Rehabilitation, PCT Community Therapy, Housing and Social Services Reablement teams.

They prescribe items of equipment to aid daily living and more specialised equipment such as powered bath lifts.

They recommend minor adaptations such as grab rails and banister rails, and major adaptations such as special shower rooms, door widening, ramps and stair lifts.

They work closely with the specialist equipment Surveyor Team to design major adaptations such as special shower rooms, door widening, ramps and stair lifts.

They also recommend and support applications for re-housing if appropriate.

You can ask for an assessment and discuss your needs with us.

The service is available to anyone whose disability is affecting their life at home.


Telecare Team

The Telecare Service is for older people and other adults with long term health conditions. Especially those who have dementia or memory loss and wander, or are unable to deal with risks in the home such as fire, flood and gas.

Telecare is an evolution of the pendant alarm system that many service users already use, with more sophisticated additional features such as environmental sensors.

The sensors can detect extreme heat, smoke, carbon monoxide and natural gas, flooding, and prolonged low room temperature.  

The team also provides services to people that are becoming increasingly frail and are at risk of falling, people that are struggling to cope at home, and may be regularly admitted to hospital, and people that may need residential care in future.

They can also support carers in their caring role as they look after a member of the family, and those people who need reminding or prompting to take their medication

Appropriate use of Telecare may improve the quality of life for individuals, their families, carers and communities by promoting independence through choice, safety and dignity.

It provides peace of mind where people have an element of control that makes them feel less vulnerable and anxious, minimises risk and could prevent dependency on services and carers.

For more information on Telecare click here



Sensory Impairment Team

The Sensory Impairment Team has specialist knowledge and skills to meet the needs of people with sensory loss.

The Sensory Impairment Team assesses people with a visual impairment, hearing impairment or a dual sensory loss.

The team provides statutory assessment, rehabilitation, equipment and training.

We can also put your name on the sensory impairment register. However, you do not have to be on the register to get services from us.

The service is for people who experience problems with everyday activities due to significant sight or hearing loss.

The team co-ordinates a Hospital Support Desk, a Communications Group, and they also  provide awareness training, and liaise with specialist services including health.

The Visual Impairment Rehabilitation Officers provide rehabilitation training in mobility to help people cross the road safely. They also promote independent living skills such as making hot drinks and cooking a meal safely, along with communication skills such as using a keyboard or Braille, and environmental advice, risk assessment and providing specialist equipment.

The Technical Support Officer for Hearing Impairment provides advice on living with a hearing impairment, specialist equipment to support the hearing impaired, and coordinates the provision of sign language.

The team work closely with other teams, including the Surveyor team, to ensure that sensory loss is given appropriate consideration in the design of major adaptations.

The library also offers services for people with a sensory impairment.  Click here for more information.


Aids & Adaptation Key Worker Team

Key workers are qualified trusted assessors who provide a screening service and complete assessments for people who have less complex needs usually within a working week. This ensures a prompt service to address identified risks and maintain/improve people's independence in their own homes.

The team provide statutory assessment for aids & adaptations, financial and legal assessment for grant aid, key worker support throughout complex processes and assessment for minor works grant aid.

They provided equipment and minor adaptations such as grab rails, hand rails, toilet seats and bath boards for 100 people in the last year. 

They are fully involved with the provision of Disabled Facilities Grants, and during the last year they financially assessed over 400 people to determine eligibility for grant aid. 

They provide financial and legal support for people who are unable to meet their contribution, liaising with relevant organisations to help secure charitable donations. 

They signpost to relevant agencies such as Warm Front, Care Network, and benefit support officers when appropriate. 

They liaise with service users throughout the process, providing updates and support until the major adaptation work has been completed.

The team also provide legal and financial support, and liaise with service users throughout the whole process until the repair work has been completed.

For more information on equipment to help you click here



Surveyor Team

The Surveyor Team provide technical assessment and joint assessments with Occupational Therapy.

They also design and produce 'specialist' schedules of works for adaptations and manage and monitor contractors

The service is available to people with a disability and older people.  


Additional Services

Nearly 600 grab rails, banister rails and drop down shower seats have been provided and fitted for service users in the last year, via our self assessment scheme.

People can request minor adaptations directly through our Customer Liaison Team (Tel: 01254 587547) without the need for a professional assessment.  Fitting is usually completed within one month of receiving the referral.

There are also a number of demonstration rooms at the centre and these are used for various assessments, demonstrations and training for service users and carers


Contact details

For general information or advice you can contact the Aids and Adaptations Team on (01254) 269220.

Or if you want to discuss an assessment from one of our teams, or you require rails or minor adaptations at your property, please contact the Customer Liaison Team on (01254) 587547.


Other useful contacts

Blackburn and District Blind Society
Address: Suite 4 - Unit A, Cobham House, Shadsworth Gateway Estate, Haslingden Road (Wilkinson Way), Blackburn, Lancashire, BB1 2EE
Phone: 01254 698683

East Lancashire Deaf Society
Address:   6-8 Heaton Street, Blackburn, BB2 2EF
Phone: 01254 844550

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